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Welcome to the Website!  The latest information on our leagues, teams and players is all right here.  News and event information will be updated frequently, so come back often.

GF Hoops Tournament and All Stars

The playoffs start the weekend of February 20th for all grades 4 and above and run for the next three weeks.  All stars for all grades 3 and up are held during the final week of the playoffs.  Playoff brackets with specific game times will be posted once the seedings are done and the games will be scheduled in the time blocks outlined below.

First 2 weeks of the playoffs:

Girls 4 - Saturday 5:30-7:30 at GFES, 5:30-6:30 at Buzz Aldrin and Sunday 2:30-6 at Colvin Run
Girls 5-6 - Sunday 12-5 at GFES
Girls 7 - Saturday 3-8 at Colvin Run
Girls 8-12 - Saturday 2-7 at Forestville
Boys 4 - Saturday 10-2 at Forestville, Sunday 1-7 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 5 - Saturday 8-3 at Colvin Run
Boys 6 - Saturday 8-10 at Forestville and Sunday 11-6 at Forestville
Boys 7 - Saturday 8-5 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 8 - Saturday 8-5 at GFES
Boys 9-12 Saturday 11-3 at Colvin Run and 4-10 at Cooper

Last week (March 5th and 6th)

Girls 4 - Sunday 11-2 at Colvin Run
Girls 5-6 - Saturday 8-11 at Buzz Aldrin
Girls 7 - (will be finished the previous week)
Girls 8-12 - Sunday 3-6 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 4 - Sunday 1 - 3 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 5 - Saturday 8-11 at Colvin Run
Boys 6 - Saturday 11-2 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 7 - Saturday 2-5 at Buzz Aldrin
Boys 8 - Saturday 11-2 at Colvin Run
Boys 9-12 - Saturday 2-6 at Colvin Run and Sunday 4-8 at Cooper

All Stars

Girls 2-3 - Saturday 3/5 8-10 at GFES
Girls 4 - Tuesday 3/1 5-7 at Colvin Run
Girls 5-6 - Tuesday 3/1 7-9 at Colvin Run
Girls 7 - Saturday 3/5 2:30 - 4:30 at GFES
Girls 8-12 - Saturday 3/5 12:30 - 2:30 at GFES
Boys 3 - Saturday 3/5 10-12 at GFES
Boys 4 - Wednesday 3/2 5-7 at Colvin Run
Boys 5 - Wednesday 3/2 7-9 at Colvin Run
Boys 6 - Sunday 3/6 12-2 at GFES
Boys 7 - Saturday 3/5 4:30-6:30 at GFES
Boys 8 - Sunday 3/6 2-4 at GFES
Boys 9-12 - Sunday 3/6 8-10 at Cooper

2016 GF Hoops Youth Leadership Scholarship

Great Falls Basketball is continually interested in the development of our youth.  To that end, in 2015 we introduced the Matthew Poyner Youth Leadership Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to help college-bound high school seniors in our program defray some first-year college expenses. There will be four $1,000.00 scholarships awarded this year.

This scholarship is named in honor of Matthew Poyner, who passed away suddenly in his sleep last February.  He was a beloved member of our community and a student at Langley High School.  He was a young man of great intelligence tempered with a great empathy for everyone he met; people were drawn to his optimism and love for life.  Matt was dedicated to his studies, his family, his friends, and his community.  He was also a believer in giving back to his community which is why we have named this scholarship after him.

This year, the scholarships will be awarded to four deserving seniors.  Any high school senior currently in our program as a player, assistant coach, head coach, or referee may apply for this scholarship opportunity.

The award will be given to high school seniors who have distinguished themselves as leaders and dedicated members of the GF Hoops Community. 
The attached form must be filled out and sent to the GF Hoops Secretary, Bina Clark, at no later than Friday February 19th at 12:00 PM.  The GF Hoops Board will then vote on the 2016 recipients and they will be announced and awarded at halftime at one of the All Star games on Saturday, March 5th, location and time TBD.

Scholarship Form

Concussion Awareness

Our number one priority at all times is the safety of the kids playing our sport! 

Most injuries are obvious to the player, coaches and parents  and when they occur, the appropriate steps can be taken.  Concussions are a bit different and can be difficult to diagnose as the symptoms may not show up right away or be that obvious to the player, parent or coach.

GF Hoops has gathered the information below so that coaches, parents and players can understand what Concussions are and what should be done when one is suspected.  We encourage everyone to take the time to review the material so that our game can be as safe as possible!

Concussion Information

In addition we encourage parents and coaches to take the free Concussion training provided by the CDC.  It only takes a few minutes - just click the link and follow the instructions:

The CDC has also created an App that you can download to your mobile device so that you have all the information you need wherever you are!

Note:  This information is available at all times under the Information Menu at the top of the page. That page will remain and be updated after this article is no longer on the website.

Coaching and Age Group Information

Click the link below to download the presentation given to all coaches at the coaches meeting.

Coaches Meeting Presentation - 2015

The following "Cheat Sheets" provide any specific rules and other information regarding the different house leagues:

As we enter another season of basketball, please remember as a coach, you have a huge impact on your players experience and growth.  Sadly, experts tell us that 7 out of 10 children permanently drop sports by age 13. Reasons include

  • Lack of fun
  • Lack of playing time  - See attached resource from PCA on play time for tips.
  • Afraid to make mistakes, too much pressure
  • Feeling disrespected
  • Coach played favorites, was a poor teacher

Clearly, coaches can directly impact these experiences.  What kids want from a coach:

  • Respect and encouragement
  • Positive role model
  • Clear, consistent communication
  • Knowledge of game
  • Someone who listens

Some Coaching Resources:

K-1 Schedule

Boys and Girls K and 1 schedules

Boys K

  • Last Name A-L - 8:10 - 9:10 AM Saturdays @ Lake Ann
  • Last Name M-Z 9:20 - 10:20 AM Saturdays @ Lake Ann

Girls K

  • 10:30 - 11:30 AM Saturdays @ Lake Ann

Boys 1

  • Last Name A-D 8:10 - 9:20 AM Saturdays @ Dranesville
  • Last Name E-L 9:20 - 10:20 AM Saturdays @ Dranseville
  • Last Name M-R 10:30 - 11:30 AM Saturdays @ Dranseville
  • Last Name S-Z 11:40 - 12:40 PM Saturdays @ Dranseville

Girls 1

  • Last Name A-L 11:40 - 12:40 PM Saturdays @ Lake Ann
  • Last Name M-Z 12:50 - 1:50 PM Saturdays @ Lake Ann
This Week
Date: 2/13/2016
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B2-Goldberg vs.B2-Brown
Date / Time: 2/13/2016 2:00:00 PM
Gym: Dranesville
B2-Stanis vs.B2-Glantzis
Date / Time: 2/13/2016 3:10:00 PM
Gym: Dranesville
B2-Fritzlen vs.B2-Ryan
Date / Time: 2/13/2016 4:20:00 PM
Gym: Dranesville
B2-Glenn vs.B2-Britt
Date / Time: 2/13/2016 5:30:00 PM
Gym: Dranesville
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