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Welcome to the Website!  The latest information on our leagues, teams and players is all right here.  News and event information will be updated frequently, so come back often.

Rescheduled Games from December 9, 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed their Snow Day!!

We at Great Falls Basketball are committed to making sure that any time it is possible, our kids can get out on the Courts.

To that end, we have rescheduled all of the Grade 3-12 House League games** that were cancelled on Saturday 12/9. The Cancelled games are now scheduled for one of the following days.

Saturday, Dec 16th

Sunday, Dec 17th

Saturday, Jan 6th

Sunday, Jan 7th

**K-2 clinics cancelled on 12/9 will be rescheduled for the weekend of Feb 24/25

Please note the following:

1. We were lucky to be able to access additional space and, equally important, to benefit from a number of our college-aged referees being home on break. Please realize that if we are hit with another weekend cancellation this season it is very, very unlikely that we will be able to reschedule as we will not be able to rally the same critical resources in Jan-Mar.

2. Remember our emphasis is on allowing kids to play, as such, in an effort to get all of these games in, we were not able to deconflict our double coaches. Please note that we have nearly 30 individuals who coach two teams and/or coach a team and also play in our high school leagues. As such, please reach out to your team parents to find a back up should you have double duty. There will be conflicts, there will be inconveniences and we will not be able to change any of the scheduled games. Please do all that you can to focus on helping us to make sure the kids get to play.

3. We realize that you might be shorthanded. First, you certainly will not be the only one. Remember that you can play with 4 players. Of course, if you have fewer four to start the game then that would result in a forfeit (or a tie if neither team has 4 or more). While that official score would be a forfeit (or tie), we do urge all teams to still use their allocated court time to have a scrimmage under game conditions. Again, the alternative is to not reschedule the game and then no one would play, so please try to keep the emphasis on more court time for all of our players.

This Week
Date: 12/12/2017
To see game details, click on the icon. To go to the Team pages, click on the team name.
B11/12 - Vasiliadis vs.B11/12 - Thinnes
Date / Time: 12/17/2017 4:10:00 PM
Gym: Cooper Middle School
B11/12 - Obelensky vs.B11/12 - Davis
Date / Time: 12/17/2017 5:20:00 PM
Gym: Cooper Middle School
B11/12 - Larounis vs.B11/12 - Nadeem Malik
Date / Time: 12/17/2017 6:30:00 PM
Gym: Cooper Middle School
B11/12 - Larounis vs.B11/12 - Frederick
Date / Time: 12/17/2017 7:40:00 PM
Gym: Cooper Middle School
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