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Thank you for using the GFLL Website!

The site is designed to provide GFLL players, coaches and families a vehicle to communicate and track key information about each season.  Primary features of the site are:

• Allows league officials to communicate news and event information to league participants.  Users can subscribe to these updates via RSS (So you don't even need to check the site to find out about updates)
• Provides individual league and team pages that show key information such as rosters, statistics, standings and coaches updates
• A consolidated calendar of games, practices and other events.
• Player information pages where players can update and share information with their teammates.
• Field and weather information  (Field Closures and Field Status)
• Directions to fields

The site is new this year and we want it to be the primary communication vehicle for the league.  We welcome all feedback on the site.  If you you have any ideas for ways the site could be better, please let us know.  Likewise if you run into an error or have any questions please send us that information as well so that we can fix and/or get the word out on how to use the feature.  All feedback can be sent to Greg Potteiger

Thank you!

This Week
Date: 5/19/2019
To see game details, click on the icon. To go to the Team pages, click on the team name.
No Games are Scheduled this Week.
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Please direct any feedback about the site to