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Great Falls Basketball
Synopsis of House League Playing Rules

Here is a brief outline of key House League playing rules. We strongly encourage you to review the complete rules so that you are fully aware of how we do things in Great Falls Basketball.

Key rules common to all age groups

  • Players may not wear watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hard casts (even if wrapped) or other items that could present a safety hazard to themselves or other players.
  • Home team must supply an adult timekeeper/scorer 5 minutes prior to game.
  • A game consists of 4 quarters of 8 minutes duration each. Games are played with a running clock.
  • Each player MUST play in two (2) complete quarters, one in each half; No player may play more than three full quarters unless all other players will have played at least three full quarters.
  • Each team is allowed 2 one minute time-outs per half. Time-outs cannot be carried over from half to half.
  • If needed, overtime periods are 3 minutes in duration. In overtime, each team is allowed 1 one minute time-out (no carryover of unused time-outs from regulation play or one overtime period to another).
  • A team forfeits if the team is unable to field 4 players within 5 minutes of scheduled game start.
  • If previous game runs late, next game starts in five minutes.

Grade Group specific rules summary

No No Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Allowed Under Certain Conditions

Allowed Under Certain Conditions

Yes Yes

in addition, G3 cannot play defense on the ball until it has crossed the 3 point line at least once on the possession.

in addition, B3 cannot play defense on the ball until it has crossed the 3 point line at least once on the possession.

Girls - No;
Boys - Yes
8 Feet B3, G4 9 Feet

B4, G5, B5 10 Feet
10 Feet 10 Feet
13 Feet

B3, B4, G4, G5 13 Feet

B5 15 Feet

15 Feet 15 Feet
5 Seconds B3 5 Seconds, Others 3 Seconds 3 Seconds 3 Seconds
27.5" 28.5" 28.5" Girls - 28.5";
Boys - Men's Regulation
No No Girls - No;
Boys - Yes
B2, B3, G2, G3 - When the ball hits the rim

B4, G4 and up 
- When  the ball leaves the shooter's hand

When  the ball leaves the shooter's hand When  the ball leaves the shooter's hand
No Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes Yes
G3 only Yes Yes Yes
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Date: 11/19/2018
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